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woensdag 27 mei 2015

Face  the  Factories

We would like to face the facts!

Industrial pollution and lack of exhibition space led to our idea of beautifying the industrial horizon by decorating factory and warehouse buildings with creative expressions. These works range from visual to written and from natural to man-made and are made by artists ranging from up and coming to established talent and from youthful to elderly artists.

Reasons for initiating this project:
-making people aware of pollution by rewarding industry that does something about it = ‘face the facts’
- enhancing the physical locations and informing through art
-beautifying the landscape
-employing vacant space as exhibition space
-integrating art into every day (city) life

Target group for  creative work:
-established artists that can give publicity and credibility to the project
-up and coming talented artists, ranging from young to old, that would like to create exhibition possibilities
-residents and other interested parties in order to establish a more intense connection
between city inhabitants, factories and the representation of their city through arts

Method of  excecuting this project:
-painting the surfaces
-projection on to surfaces for the opening
-theatre and opera performances in suitable factories

The kind of art involved:
Computer animation
Landscape art

Would you like to face the facts?
Contact: 06-16752340 /

zaterdag 11 april 2015


Gedachten Lezen (Read my steps) are workshops with residents and our poets and artists. We create poems together about their neighbourhoods and make them large and visible in all kinds of ways. A daily reminder of what you feel and want for your hood.

This one here was bringing the entrepeneurs from the super boring business park in contact with the residents around them: the poem on the frames is an ode to their interaction.

The words being deposited in our 'open-je-klepbus' (that's funny in Dutch!) became the poem in MOSS, placed high on the community farm building beyond reach of the goats!

 Then here we have the artists that we so want to promote with ArtMat, which is why we're doing a kickstarte: spread the artistic and CSR (in Dutch MVO) message   

Woestijnroos: Art therapy: expressing yourself through art is considered childish and irrelevant by some cultures...un till you get the hang of it. Then you're hooked!

...showing how special and essential animals are in our life is also one of our aims with ArtMatters  

....we have one of our participants writing down his thoughts on what he wants for his neighbourhood

The Vrijstaat has offered Gedachten Lezen an Artist in Residence so we can play and create with the neighbourhooders;>

There's more we'd like to show you...but we'll leave some room for you to think and choose!